Share a Nature Moment.

April 26, 2020 by admin

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, the Wildchild Officer for Transforming the Trent Valley.

Thank you for joining me for another blog post.

For this post I am going to share my ‘Nature Moment’ with you.

I think you might agree we have been very lucky recently with sunny days and warm clear evenings.

Nature Moments!

Share a Nature Moment!

On one evening in particular as the sun was setting I was surprised to see a small shadow flying above.

It moved very quickly, soaring through the sky.

Flying in loops above my head.

Little wings flapping fast.

Small insects being picked off one by one.

A small, dark, blur flying round and round the garden sky.

Do you know what it was?

Yes, you are right, it was a tiny bat!

I was thrilled to see the little bat was back, it is hypnotic watching it fly round and round the dark blue sky.

Have you seen new or interesting wildlife in your garden?

Why not spend a moment in the garden or next to an open window, listening out for natural sounds, looking for bright colours and watching for small movements?