3. Transforming the Landscape (TL)

TL04 Stop! The Military Heritage of the Trent Valley

Preserving the built heritage of the WWII Stop Line.

Project Summary

Through this project, we are focusing on the surviving military heritage within the Trent Valley landscape, mainly comprising pillboxes, which formed part of the iconic Second World War ‘Stop Line’.

Local volunteers are carrying out recording and condition surveys of these structures, which will be utilised to develop proposals for their long term monitoring and management. To compliment this work volunteers are carrying out research, conducting oral history surveys, and helping develop content for interpretation.

A number of appropriate sites have been identified for reversible reuse such as wildlife refuges, bird hides, and interpretation spaces. A selection of these sites will be converted and design guidance will be produced to inform future conversions within the project area and elsewhere.

The Stop! project will have shown that, when done sensitively and when properly considered, military heritage assets such as pillboxes can be provided with a new purpose such as bat roosts, bird hides etc. which can ensure their longevity and upkeep.

Local communities, local groups and landowners will have taken responsibility for and engaged with their heritage. Through training the project will provide them with the skills to understand, record, monitor, manage and maintain heritage assets within the landscape partnership scheme area.

Project Lead

Dr Mark Knight
Cultural Heritage Officer Transforming the Trent Valley


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