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Discover more about the Transforming the Trent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme. Our blog posts are written by members of the Transforming the Trent Valley Team, scheme partners and volunteers.

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1st March 2022 by Shaun Gill

Hello World

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Manor Park Sailing Club: Training Expansion Project

12th August 2021 by admin

Manor Park Sailing Club, situated near Kings Bromley, applied to our Community Grants scheme in August 2020. They were successful in applying for a grant to buy buoyancy aids for the young people who attend their club to ensure that they have the correct size for all trainees arriving on site. This was a part […]

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WELLIES Volunteers: New Skills

12th August 2021 by admin

WELLIES project, based in Sudbury, applied in August 2020 for a Community Grant of £2000 to support their aim of enabling their existing volunteers to develop new skills and confidence in volunteering for WELLIES and partner organisations. A 15 week project was delivered, with volunteers attending heritage workshops, creating a volunteer taskforce to support other […]

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Linking With the Past

1st July 2021 by admin

How do I do this? It’s a question I often ask myself. Whether it’s cooking a new recipe or fixing a bookcase, I start with the same question. How do I do this? If it is something I already know about, the answer can be easy, straightforward even. A year of fixing furniture, fences and […]

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Protecting your Local Environment – A Guide to our Resource Pack

12th April 2021 by admin

Spotting wildlife – birds, butterflies or even plants – is something we all find a little joy in doing. But what if finding and snapshotting the species we see could have a big impact on how our environment is treated? Well, it does. Our upcoming wildlife resource pack tells you how to identify a variety of species from a Brown Hare to an Emperor Dragonfly, and how best to help them thrive in the Trent Valley area, and we are offering it to you for use in the Trent Valley for free!

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I’ve seen some interesting wildlife – what should I do next?

30th March 2021 by admin

How many times have you been out on a walk and seen an interesting animal, bird or plant, and managed to take a half-decent picture on your phone? You bring it home, do a bit of research and see that you’ve spotted quite a rare species for your area! Then what do you do? You probably tell your family and friends, but who else wants to know?

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A Home Front Mystery

29th March 2021 by admin

They’re not in the books. I can’t find anything about them on the internet. No-one who should know, appears to know. It’s eighty-one years old, weighs tons (I mean literally weighs tons) and is bullet proof. Say hello to the “Type-Unknown” Pillbox. You see, I’m a pillbox nerd. Since being taken into an air raid […]

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A morning birding at Croxall Lakes Nature Reserve

13th March 2021 by admin

Our Wildlife Recording Volunteers are an enthusiastic bunch, using their local nature reserves for daily exercise and letting us know what they see. One of our group visited Croxall Lakes recently, a Staffordshire Wildlife Trust reserve, and despite the weather, had a successful morning birding!

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Postcards from the Riverbank

1st February 2021 by admin

To connect our communities during this strange socially distanced time, the Tales from the Riverbank project wants to bring everyone together to share their childhood stories of play and fun along the riverbank.

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Make a seasonal Frosted Leaf Jar

1st December 2020 by admin

Get creative by using textures from nature to create a seasonal frosted jar.

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