2. River Valley Connections

RVC05 Waymarking of Cycle Routes

Creating marked cycle routes across Burton-on-Trent.

Project Summary

We are waymarking a series of cycle routes in the Transforming the Trent Valley landscape designed to offer various tours of the landscape taking in both the natural and cultural heritage of the Trent Valley. Routes vary in distance and difficulty and will require some on-road and some off-road cycling.

These routes encompass local leisure areas and landmarks, giving plenty of rest opportunities along the way. With mapped routes and physical markers, the new routes allow families to navigate their way around the trails with ease.

As with the Run England 3-2-1 routes, East Staffordshire Borough Council remain responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the waymarking posts.

The off road areas where posts are to be installed, are managed by East Staffordshire Borough Council. Areas on road are managed by Staffordshire County Council, and installation agreements will include future management.

To date, we have only experienced minimal maintenance cost to the Run England posts and expect the same for these additional posts. East Staffordshire Borough Council will cover any future costs to repair or replace posts.

The Borough Council also has responsibility of managing the grass verges at the roadside. We will develop a system to ensure any ongoing maintenance is reported by the council’s contractor.

Project Lead

Kelly Kerr-Delworth
Business Relations Officer East Staffordshire Borough Council

Louise Morris
Project Manager Transforming the Trent Valley


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Details of future projects to be delivered by Transforming the Trent Valley and its partners as part of the Community Engagement project will be posted here soon.

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