Let’s make a hanging flower feeder

April 20, 2020 by admin

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, the Wildchild Officer for Transforming the Trent Valley.

Thank you for joining me for another blog post.

After spotting a few butterflies flying through the garden, I thought it would be nice to make a butterfly feeder. So here is my version of the classic butterfly feeder.

Nature Craft!

Let’s make a hanging flower feeder!

All you need is: card, pen, scissors, string, glue, bottle top, water and sugar.

You can draw any flower you like for your feeder. I ended up making a few including a Sunflower, Rose and Daisy.

Step 1
Draw your flower on coloured card and cut it out. To make the feeder sturdier draw round the flower again on green card (add some leaves as well).

Step 2
Cut out and glue the green leaf background to the flower, allow some time for the glue to dry.

Step 3
Glue a bottle cap in the centre, allow some time for the glue to dry.

Step 4
Using a pencil or hole punch (if you have one) make 3-4 holes, evenly spaced around the flower.

Step 5
Cut a length of string into 3-4 smaller lengths. Tie the bottom ends of the strings all together in one knot. Thread the other end of each string through a hole.

Step 6
Rest the flower on the table. Pull the strings up to make a tipi shape then tie the strings together.

Feed the butterflies

Fill the bottle top with sugar water and look out for butterflies!

You can also download a guide and spotter sheet to butterflies you will see in your garden.

Have fun!


Download and Print (A4)